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Offering High Quality at the Lowest Price

We offer high quality batteries, inverters, and solar panels at the lowest price In Nigeria. We have powered over 700 homes and offices across the country since 2012.

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Powering Nigeria with Clean Energy Solutions

We are a leading alternative energy solutions company dedicated to providing innovative and reliable products that harness the power of renewable energy sources.

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Innovating with Renewable Energy Products

We are commited to transforming the way the Nigerian people and businesses access and utilize renewable energy to ensure more sustainable and greener future.

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Democratizing Sustainable Energy Solutions

We are revolutionizing the energy landscape across Nigeria by making clean and efficient energy solutions not only affordable but also accessible to all.

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Since 2012

We help people and businesses transition to affordable renewable energy solutions!

As a one-stop destination for a wide range of energy generation and storage solutions, BatteryJoint is committed to transforming the way people, communities and businesses in Nigeria access and utilize renewable energy.

Clean Energy Solutions

Our Products


We offer a comprehensive range of energy storage solutions, from advanced lithium-ion batteries to reliable lead-acid batteries. Our batteries are designed to provide consistent power backup for homes, businesses, and industries.

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Our cutting-edge inverters ensure seamless conversion of DC power generated by solar panels or batteries into usable AC power. With various capacities and features, our inverters cater to various applications.

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Solar Panels

BatteryJoint provides premium solar energy solutions that capture sunlight and convert it into clean electricity for homes and offices Our solar panels are designed for efficiency, durability, and optimal renewable energy generation.

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Automobile Batteries

BatteryJoint offers reliable automobile batteries engineered for superior performance and longevity. Whether for conventional vehicles or electric cars, our batteries deliver exceptional reliability.

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For backup power in areas with unstable electricity supply, our generators offer a dependable alternative soluton, powered by various fuel sources that ensure uninterrupted power supply.

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Charge Controllers

Our range of intelligent charge controllers regulates the flow of energy between solar panels, bateries, and loads. These controllers ensure efficient charging and prolong the lifespan of bateries

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Our Core Values

Why you Chose us


Power Your Life With Sunshine

We drive the transition to more sustainable, reliable and affordable energy systems.
With our innovative technologies, we energize Nigeria. That’s our goal.


Our Project Work Flow

From homeowners seeking energy independence to businesses aiming to reduce operational costs, our products cater to a diverse range of renewable energy requirements. We power residences, factories, corporate offices, communities and and industrial hubs across Nigeria.

Assess Energy Need

Estimate your energy requirements by summing up energy usage of all your current electrical appliances. This will determine the capacity of inverter, solar or hybrid solutions you need.

Engage Our Experts

Speak with our team of experts who will assess your energy requirements, backup period that is suitable for your home, office or factory and confirm your budget expectations.

Choose Your Package

After our experts have recommended renewable energy products that suit your energy requirement, you will choose from our wide range of durable, scalable energy solutions.

Power Your Facility

Our team of experts will contact you to schedule installation at your premise at your most convenient time. If an onsite pre-assessment is required, you will be promptly informed.

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Understanding of Renewable Energy Technology at Its Best

With 50years+ experience combined, our engineers, technicians, and consultants work together to provide comprehensive solutions, from installation to maintenance and support.

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Transition to Affordable Renewable Energy Now

We offer high quality batteries, inverters, and solar panels at the lowest price In Nigeria. Our after-sales support is next to none. Speak with our experts now.

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