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Our Project Work Flow

From homeowners seeking energy independence to businesses aiming to reduce operational costs, our products cater to a diverse range of renewable energy requirements. We power residences, factories, corporate offices, communities and and industrial hubs across Nigeria.

Assess Energy Need

Estimate your energy requirements by summing up energy usage of all your current electrical appliances. This will determine the capacity of inverter, solar or hybrid solutions you need.

Engage Our Experts

Speak with our team of experts who will assess your energy requirements, backup period that is suitable for your home, office or factory and confirm your budget expectations.

Choose Your Package

After our experts have recommended renewable energy products that suit your energy requirement, you will choose from our wide range of durable, scalable energy solutions.

Power Your Facility

Our team of experts will contact you to schedule installation at your premise at your most convenient time. If an onsite pre-assessment is required, you will be promptly informed.

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We offer high quality batteries, inverters, and solar panels at the lowest price In Nigeria. Our after-sales support is next to none. Speak with our experts now.